SCENAR treatment


Providing fast and sustained recovery from both acute and chronic pain, SCENAR-Cosmodic is very effective in dramatically speeding up recovery from injury.  There have been no reported negative side effects and it works well in adults and children alike. 

The SCENAR has great results in treating a wide range of chronic and acute conditions, including:

  1. Bullettears, strains and sprains

  2. Bulletneck and back pain

  3. Bulletbreaks and fractures

  4. Bulletlong term injury/pain

  5. Bulletpost operative recovery

  6. Bulletjoint mobilisation

To find out more information and how SCENAR therapy can help you, please contact Kate Chesser 07974 722 540

SCENAR Treatment - providing pain relief and recovery

GG, sprained ankle

Receiving treatment from Kate within an hour of hurting my back and ankle in a fall made a huge difference to my recovery. Within 48 hours the acute pain was significantly less and I was walking well. I hadn't received any other treatment during this time. With further treatments... I've been able to get back in the gym three weeks later. I will definitely make Kate my first port of call for any future injuries.

DR, lower back pain

I came to see Kate as I had lower back pain that I hadn’t been able to shift in years, despite pilates and seeing various osteopaths and physios.  Since having SCENAR treatments I’ve never felt better,  my back feels stronger than ever and I move with ease which I haven’t done in years.